Wedding Flower Checklist: Decorate Wedding Flowers And Bouquets


Are you looking for a prospective florist for your wedding day soon? It is time to put together the checklist of flower wedding arch  bouquets. If you keep it simple, you need the following:

  • bouquets
  • boutonni√®res
  • centerpieces

But, if you go out, you want arrangements on each cocktail table and even in a powder room. With many details to plan, it is essential to have a budget for the wedding flowers and a clear wedding flower checklist of the arrangements and bouquets. On a money front, you may expect to put 10-15% of your money towards beautiful blooms.

The best and main source of decor

If you use flowers as the main source of decor, it is best to allocate more. But, if you are looking to save on florals, it is best to know early to pick a venue that works for you.

Many couples have desired flowers for the entire wedding event in every part of the venue. There are a lot of ways to cut costs and make a floral impact. A cluster of flowers with trailing greenery is a definitive look that couples are much more satisfied to have. Florals are best for reusing, from the ceremony to the reception area.


A welcome arrangement from the ceremony can’t be repurposed on a bar or pieces from the wedding ceremony altar can be reused on a lounge or a head table. Thus, it cuts down the overarching price and waste. Whatever the floral vision, the wedding flower checklist helps think over every possible wedding bouquet type, arrangement, and detail you might desire.

Bride’s bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is the most vital arrangement to keep in mind. It is easily the most photographed flower piece in the whole wedding. Plus, keeping that more pricey doesn’t mean bigger. Pricing is based on the flowers’ value, and not the size.

Bride’s floral crown

It is an optional arrangement but must be a priority if planning to incorporate it. If you don’t have flowers as hair accessories, you would want to take more care to get it right. After all, they are worn on the head.

Bridesmaids bouquets

After the bride’s bouquet, the bouquets of bridesmaids are the next most essential arrangements too. You don’t need to include them, but many couples consider it.

Tossing bouquet

Many brides select to use the wedding bouquet during the bouquet toss, but if you plan on preserving flowers, you want another option. It can be a simply scaled-down version of the original bouquet.

All these are only a few of the bouquets of flowers needed for the wedding.

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