What are Some Common Misunderstandings about Seller Pain Points?

Finding Motivated Seller Leads

If you are a real estate agent or investor, it becomes important to understand some pain points of motivated sellers to find an effective way to get the solution. Similarly, it is also important to understand some common misconceptions about seller pain points that may not be the main reason behind the issue but it may cause you some issues. For information just visit this website

List of Misconstrued Pain Points

Following are some common misconstrued seller pain points that can help you to resolve the issues:

  1. Overvaluation of the Property

Some property owners set a higher value for the house than the actual price of the market which means overvaluation. It is one of the most common misconceptions related to selling a property. The reason behind overvaluation is feeling attached to the house

This way, you may not get potential buyers or do enough repair work at home. In this way, you may not get potential buyers because they get a better or similar house at the same value.

  1. Urgent Cash Requirement

Some motivated sellers want to sell their property quickly so which can help them to take out from financial difficulties. Many owners don’t need cash urgently, but some may need to resolve multiple issues with that cash. Some other options with sellers are home equity loans or borrowing from relatives, friends, and family. Hence it is important to have a quality conversation with the seller and try to explore multiple options related to it.

  1. Commission Fees

Many sellers don’t want to give any commission fees to real estate agents or investors. Hence, they go for alternatives related to selling a property quickly. You must know that the commission fee is generally paid by the buyer, not the seller. In case you work with a real estate agent they will help you to get a better valuation in the market.


All motivated sellers need to be aware of some common seller pain points so that everyone can resolve their problems easily and find effective solutions. So be careful and try to explore multiple ways to sell your house.

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