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A rental property can be an excellent choice both from the point of view of the landlord , i.e. the owner of the property who decides to rent it, and from the point of view of the tenant , i.e. the tenant.

However, choosing to rent a house or decide to live for rent, in addition to the positive sides , also brings with it the disadvantages that should be evaluated. For this reason, it is important to understand which way the balance is tipped when it comes to rental property

Rental property: pros and cons for the landlord

rental property

Renting a property is very advantageous but the costs must also be considered

Renting a property, especially for long periods of time , can prove to be a very profitable solution if you already own the property. A little less so is buying a property with the express purpose of renting it because the fees may not fully cover the initial investment. Assuming that you have an empty house available and decide to rent it, let’s see what the pros and cons are.

Benefits for the landlord

The advantages of a long-term rental are immediately apparent.

Passive income

A rental property constitutes a passive income .

It means that you need to make an initial investment to present the house in good condition, after which you simply collect the rent paid each month by the tenant. The rent constitutes a fixed income each month which can be added to the income deriving from another job, thus guaranteeing greater stability for the landlord.

Free furniture

When you decide to rent a property, you can offer it either furnished , if you already own it, or without furniture .

It is not unusual for those who move for long periods of time in a house or an apartment to obtain the necessary furniture for common living or to move from the previous accommodation. This relieves you of having to worry about buying the entire property’s furnishings unless, of course, something is malfunctioning or outdated. In this case you have to take charge of solving the problem before the new tenant arrives.

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